Ray McQueen        Anastasia Parsons        Troy J. Thompson 
CAST (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE) Ted: Ray McQueen Bridget: Summer Sinclair Kevin: Zach Lillquist Sophia: Courtney Chaffee Manda: Julie Keely Band: Household Bobby: Joshua D. Enns Gina: Sara Hoover Kurt: Chris “C Bane” Oliver Chip: Evan Van Klei Bud: Derek Willcut Stacy: Merrisa Petersen Sarah: Sarah Keely Principal Meyer: Andy Buffington Mr. Watson: Dr. Robert Aufrance Steven: Tyler Tweeten Bubs: Lani Nelson (dog) Skip: Elijah Alsop Frank: Jim Brockhohn Coach Max Dungal: Troy J. Thompson Trav: Chris Parcher Timmy: Isaiah Passmore Tucker: Colton Segerstrom Kim: Johnathan Sanasinh Tilly Simka’s Chauffeur: Brian Keely Tilly Simka’s Assistant: Pamela Castillo Tilly Simka: Jill Blank Jennifer: Anastasia Parsons Professor Martin: Lloyd Bier Coach Franklin: David Gosch Julio: Hugo Becerra Referee: Larry Rieffer Chuck: Jason Passmore Doug: Evan Eischen Water Buffalo (Gabe): Brian Gosch Water Buffalo (Arthur): Jamey Herold Water Buffalo: Aaron Hvitved Water Buffalo: Dan Duerre Water Buffalo: Jedidiah Cranor Water Buffalo: Michael Born Water Buffalo: Shawn Howell Water Buffalo: Skylar Ogren

Opening June 12, 2015!

Ted Biddles dreams of acceptance, love and

Iowa high school water polo glory, but he and

his off-balance coach Max Dungal and their team

of misfits are definitely in over their heads. 

Produced by Leslie Nelson and Mark Newcom                                                                         Directed by Carlos Ruiz and Phillip Koolhoven
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Forest Theatre, Forest City, Iowa 

Cresco Theatre, Cresco, Iowa  

The Mills Theatre, Lake Mills, Iowa

Avery Theatre, Garner, Iowa

The list is growing. Check back for updates.