Pam’s Corner, Rushford, MN
Hy-Vee, Charles City, IA
Tanning Unlimited, Cresco, IA
Clear Lake Bank, Clear Lake, IA
Burdey’s Cafe, Peterson, MiN
Cedar River Tanning, Charles City, IA
Valley View Healthcare, Houston, MiN
Larson’s Hardware Hank,  Osage, IA
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For over 20 years we’ve been helping small and medium size businesses communicate effectively and affordably with buyers in a changing and competitive marketplace. Below and in the following pages you will see  many of the people we have served.
In today’s economy it’s more important than ever to work with professionals who can help you get the most for your marketing dollars. For over 20 years, Kristine and I have helped hundreds of small and medium size businesses get their message out to potential buyers effectively and affordably in a constantly changing and competitive marketplace. Our tools are not just the computer, camera and lights, but knowledge, creativity and commitment to go the extra mile to meet your goals. Contact me today. I look forward to talking with you about your business and our services. —Les Nelson
Helping you be      seen and heard in today’s marketplace
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